YUMMY! will keep our name in your mouth by giving you delightful and delicious desserts one bite at a time.

Our desserts aren’t just “recipes”, each of our delightful and delicious  desserts are a rich tapestry of family tradition, pride, and yummy that will delight your taste-buds.

Our desserts are packed with flavor bringing you back to a time where taste mattered! Our YUMMY! desserts are not your usual clunk of dry, tasteless sugar but rather a crafty design of ethnic and traditional desserts such as the Best Mexican Wedding Cake Cookies - a PERFECT blend of butter, sugar, pecans and vanilla that collide on and over-take your taste-buds. Yummy! We also make a Luscious Lemon Pound Cake with Lemon Glaze, YUMMY!’s BIG and Bad Bodacious Brownies, a Scrumptious Sweet Potato Pie, and an Uncompromising Champion Chess Pie that is a magnificent cross between custard and sugar crème pie—like (my) Mama used to make. YASSSS hont’y!

We can’t wait to give you desserts that keep you coming back for more of the good stuff; the (kind of) good stuff that takes you back to (your) good times with every bite. Now shout!


Our YUMMY! team is genuinely enthusiastic about providing you with dependable, prompt, courteous, personable, and friendly service that we sandwich between respect and love! Okay enough talking about us, it's time to order!

- Love the YUMMY! Team 

Want some YUMMY! passion? Watch our video with Founder & CEO Jacqueline Wheat. 

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Corporate Address:

333 N. Alabama Street | Indianapolis, IN 46204

Ste. 550


1(888) 202-5599



Yummy Cafe:

8949 E. Washington Street | Indianapolis, IN 46219

Ste. D8


1(888) 202-5599

Friday 1pm to 6pm 

Saturday 12pm to 6pm 

Closed Sunday.