Jacqueline Wheat

Founder, Partner and CEO

Our home was a host to numerous Sunday dinners and other family get-togethers. My parents were gracious hosts, and our home was always filled with the joy of children laughing, adults seated at the card table talking-smack, or reclined in the front room chit-chatting about the latest on who-shot-John kind of stories—if you know what I mean.


As a wee little girl, I’m not much taller now, (4’8”) I’d sit and watch Mama pour her all into preparing daily or special occasion meals.

Mama was an EXCELLENT cook, and it showed up in every meal she prepared. She took great care and joy in teaching me and my two younger sisters how to cook food that taste GOOD.

And so for me, gathering family and friends around a meal that I’ve prepared, to watch them enjoy, is joyous for me, and but a natural extension of the love and warmth I felt growing up.

The love and care that Mama took in cooking, and her methodologies have forever shaped me, and my sole inspiration for wanting to share pieces of her hand and homemade love with you…thank you Mama.

Jacqueline’s exceptional customer service skills and passion for making desserts that taste good; coupled with Shamara’s savvy business out now!


Shamara Majekodunmi

Partner, COO & CMO

Shamara is an ​innovative business, brand, and marketing professional with over 22 years’ experience in developing sole proprietor entities to multi-million-dollar Corporate brands. ​Her no- nonsense expertise masterfully bridges the gap between product ideation​ ​and product delivery by providing effective, ingenious and innovative brand, marketing and sales strategies--​she knows ​that it takes BOTH marketing and sales savvy;  that you can't have one without the other and expect success.  Her instinctive ability to create brand and marketing campaigns that ​result in profitable, sustainable, and scalable results will forever be her distinctive trade-mark. 


Shamara owned The Merit Group LLC, a business development firm in Indiana, Select, Inc a brand design firm before partnering with Jackie and taking over the Operations and Marketing departments. Shamara has worked with such companies as:

  • State of Indiana, Department of Tourism

  • National Black Data Processors Association    

  • National Black Caucus of State Legislator’s

  • Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department -Community Affairs Department   

  • IVY Tech

  • Mid-States Supplier Development Council

  • Indiana Black Chamber of Commerce     

  • Damar Services, INC       

  • Kaplan University                 


Shamara's business acumen coupled with Jacqueline's passion for baking can be summed up in two words--DYNAMIC DUO!  Run tell dat!

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Corporate Address:

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Yummy Cafe:

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