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About Us

As a wee little girl, I’m not much taller now, (4’8”) I’d sit and watch Mama pour her all into preparing daily or special occasion meals. Mama was an EXCELLENT cook, and it showed up in every meal she prepared. She took care and joy in teaching me and my two younger sisters how to cook food that taste GOOD. And so for me, gathering family and friends around a meal that I’ve prepared, to see them enjoying, is joyous for me, and but a natural extension of the love and warmth I felt growing up. The love and care that Mama put in her cooking, and her methodologies are ingrained in me, and my sole inspiration for wanting to share pieces of Mama’s homemade love with you. …thank you Mama


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The BEST Mexican Wedding Cake Cookies in the North, East, South & West---ALL YEAR LONG‼️

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